Step into Global Citizenship

What does it really take to be a global citizen? Understanding global citizenship is as simple as slipping off your shoes and placing your feet in the sand. Connect with your world by feeling the grains between your toes. Yes, it may seem a bit rough, and rocky, but all you need is to take the first step and grab someone's hand along the way.
Come to this workshop to learn about the boy in the picture. Beside learning his story, you will have time to explore how you can help him and so many others like him. Become a citizen who makes everyday choices that lead to sustainable solutions to global issues.
Every "thing" has a story that involves a human being.

My research process:

(P) 1st Brainstorm

NOTE: This is an
example to guide you. You will substitute your issue for "Global Citizen" and the rest of the thought bubbles with what you know already.

(P) Broadening


Think about:
Online Articles

What am I missing in the above list?

Answer: Quite a bit so there's more work to do.

Metacognition in red This site is awesome. Need to use it for sure because it helps bring it home for my students and for me. Some of them may also want to use it because it gets to the heart - doing something!!! Quote from site About page:
"Teams specifically focus on the challenges addressed in the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals (extreme poverty, universal primary education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, environmental sustainability, and sustainable local economies) and 2 additional challenges of great importance that were identified by our team members (natural disasters and armed conflict).
Now I have some clarity on the global issues of focus at the above site.
Extended definition about global citizenry. like this site because it is a great way to look at global issues and how global citizens are so important. "Check out the Emily Isaac, Calabassas High School Global Project: [[../global-projects/africa/well-repair-project|Well Repair Project, Malawi]] to see global citizenship in action." The lyrics to go along with the video which takes the song beyond what may have been intended which truly shows the comprehension of the video makers or whoever had the idea to layer in the images and captions showing compelling examples of global citizens in action.

My Journal on Global Citizenship by C. Nelson using Instaglok


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  • Excerpts:
  • Global citizens float within, outside and through these boundaries.( I learned Pres. Obama first used the term global citizen in a speech in 2008. This site explains the term in detail.
  • Global problems necessitate going beyond national borders to embracing the concept of global citizenship.( following quote makes me stop to think about my day to day life in a classroom as a teacher of social studies. What I do is important and I need to be careful that my students are really global thinkers about humanitarian/planet issues."This paper is not another attack on teachers and schools. Rather it is an effort to re-examine the political pressures on schools and teachers to narrowly prepare students for the workforce rather than for broader citizenship and social responsibility purposes."
  • First, global citizenship education is not an individual subject to be taught in one class.(
  • With global citizenship, individuals exercise organizational tools such as the Internet to make themselves global citizens.(

Videos:* had trouble pinning this great, short clip that speaks to students who are attending this university in London about the learning outcomes for a global citizen. Integrity, creativity, leadership, experience, appreciation, innovation.


2nd Time Brainstorm

Notice the addition of metacognition using the note feature of Inspriration

(P) Define your topic

My thesis example: A responsible global citizen chooses to care, chooses to understand, and chooses to act in sustainable ways.

NOTE: This is also called a thesis statement, a statement that clearly defines and focuses your research. It is a single sentence that states what you are going to prove. It is your opinion.

(P) Compose questions:

Form -
What is it like?
Function - How does it work?
Causation - Why is it like it is?
Change -
How is it changing?
Connection - How is it connected to other things?
Reflection - How do we know?
Perspective - What are the points of view involved?
Responsibility - What are our responsibilities?

Who, What? Where, When, Why, How, What if? How? So what?


Outline your research



List keywords

(thesaurus if needed)
global citizen, global citizenship, international citizen, world citizen, world citizenship, global youth, global activist, youth in action, global perspective, global advocate, international youth



Locate & evaluate variety of resources

See list above

NOTE: Evaluate 2 websites using Inspiration website credibility template
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Select resources &

build Works Cited using Noodletools

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