Chadwick International Grade 6 Social Studies
Many thanks to our dedicated librarian Nerine Chalmers for bringing this process to our students.

Responsible Choices and Global Citizenship Youth Conference 2012

Chadwick International School is pleased you are presenting at the conference. Please navigate to your page and post the workshop details as you develop them.


Scenario: The Roman Empire rose and fell. We live in a global world where the world is an "empire" that is connected on many levels. Your generation has the opportunity to make choices that will support the continued rise of humanity. Imagine that you are invited to represent your school at the Responsible Choices and Global Citizenship Youth Conference 2012, a worldwide youth conference on global issues. You have been invited to present a global issue and you must submit an overview of your workshop to the conference wiki that peaks the interest of other students your age.

Enduring Understanding: Responsible choices are part of being a global citizen.
Essential Question: How does one participate in global citizenship and why is it important?

To complete this task you must:
1. understand what it means to be a global citizen
2. choose a global issue of high interest to you to investigate
3. understand the scoring guide
4. plan and prepare research that includes discovery about the essential question
5. locate and cite resources needed
6. upload your workshop overview, research, and supporting materials to the conference wiki
7. create a product about the global issue and post it to the conference wiki

This unit of inquiry emphasizes the "P" and the "L" of the entire research process known as PLUS:

P - plan and prepare
L - locate resources
U - use your sources to make meaning
S - self evaluate

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