Stop the slavery

Do you know slavery? Slavery is one of the biggest global issue. It gave many damage to other country. When it was 100 years ago slavers was nothing to many people because if people had money they could buy slaves but now it is not. It is a global issue now. We must stop the globla issue. We need to stop it now. Many country has slavery, slavery are not getting care. We must save them from the dark and we must care about them. If the government is not caring about te slavery we must care about it. Slavery is never over until we stop it. If we don't stop it will go really bigger. Slavery is getting smaller because of the help from the other people. When the people who is caring the slavery is gone what will happen to slaves? We must finish it and about it. Let's stop the slavery!!

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Book: The book name was Arm Trade.
This book was about child labor.
I liked this book because there was many fact in there.
Child slavery was already started even when Rome was conquering most of the country.
Some country still has slavery.
Many slave who has talent cannot use it.
Slaves can't go to school even they are not a slave they can't to do any job.
Many slaves doesn't get care from everyone.
Many slaves can think how unimportant they are.
Shows us global issue this is.
How it can go on to each other.
How we can stop the slavery.
My best because there was many fact about slave.
Kony 2012 is now one of the problem.
Kony 2012 is one of the example for us to see.
It shows how people think about it.
There is a paragraph that the government doesn't care about us.
There was some fact that the government could be helping them not stopping them.
This is was also good website.
This website was 90% about kony 2012.
It shows how big the problem is.
This is one of the example of mordan day savery.
Child soilders.
Many get kill from a war.
They are trained to be sold out to other country to fight for that country.
There was also many people who want's to stop Kony.
This is a website about food slavery.
Food slavery is one of the slavery.
It is one of the biggest slvery.
Almost 90% girl slaves does this work.
There is many violent in this work.
Slaves would be killed if they don't work hard.
There also a video to show us about the slavery.
The video was about people working.
There was also real slaves working on the farm.

They were forced to be worked,
When people catched slaves they didn't care and just solded them.
Many slaves was sold around the whole place.
There are many types but there three main slavery.
Chattel labor.
Bonded labor.
Forced labor.
History about slaves are very long.
it effected Africa,eroupe,asia,america and middle east.
In present days there are still slavery around earth.

Picture of slavery.
Video about slavery.
This is a website aboit food slavery.
Many facts about food slavery.
Food slavery is 90% woman.
Many people are dead because they didn't got many foods.
This is a video about jail slavery.
This is one of the newest slavery we founded out.
This slaves has to work everything they order.
If they refuse they get hit by the police.
Or they even could be killed.
This slavery has infected the earth to the little kids.
They are scared to go outside and meet outher jobs.

Many slaves died at here.
Many of the slaves parents died over here.
There are used to serve them,
When they become order they had to work where their parents has worked.
They are forced to be married becuase they want more slaves.
Many people wants to stops it.
Even many people wants to stop it they doesn' have the power and money.

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Slavery is
Child who doesn't have freedom.
Child who can't use their talent.
Child who doesn't get care from everybody.
To solve the issue of child slavery
global citizens need to care about it, to understand it, and to make choices that are sustainable.;
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  • Function - How does it work?
  • Causation - Why is it like it is?
  • Change - How is it changing?
  • Connection - How is it connected to?
  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?
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Slavery,Food slavery, Jail Slavery, Slave who serves their master, Kony 2012, Rome slaves, Mordan Slaves, Slave army, little kids who is caught to fight and Salves Fight between each other.
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