Water Pollution: Drowning Us In Filthiness
Do you know how serious of problem of water
pollution is getting right now?

Many people in the world don't care about the way
they waste water or pollute water by putting different
chemicals and trash into rivers and lakes because
they don't get any harm even if they do those things.
But, many people in other places like the pictures in
the right are getting the harm instead. They are
having a hard time dealing with the chemicals other
people threw out and made fishes die and throw
trash and make kids deal with it and make other
soldiers clean up the trash.
However, if the problem gets more
serious the harm will come back to us
more seriously than ever.

If you want to prevent the pollution of
water from harming us, then please
attend my workshop.
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Online Articles

This resource was very useful because it tells how water pollution is serious and how it is growing
more through the world and how it will affect us later on. This article also shows examples of water
pollution and that we have to work on saving water.
This article shows how we are destroying earth by things that we don't usually careabout while living.
As I read this article I was really worried of our future that we don't know what will happen to the clean
water we still have left but what it would happen lateron.


This is a very good resource because it shows clearly with pictures the types of water pollutionwith a clear explanation.
Also it shows other things like how water pollution is treated and how wecan do to prevent water pollution. http://www.explainthatstuff.com/waterpollution.html
This website shows a lot of things like examples of water pollution and how we know if water is
polluted so we can do something to prevent it from happening. This also shows detailed information
about the things that causes water pollution.


This pictures was a very good resource that showed me how serious it is in our planet right now. This
pictures shows how dirty the water is and how it would be bad for us if it lands up in out body again.


This video is a very good resource because this video shows how water pollutions are made with trash
and chemicals. I think it is a very good video that shows clearly how serious this problem is to the
world and I loved how it telled how the world would get better if we do out best to prevent this things
to happen.
This video didn't really teach me anything special but it really taught me that if other people harm the
water the harm come to us again. This video was made up with pictures and in this pictures it showed
children having to stay in polluted water with trash and all sorts of dirty things. I think this video showed
the worse thing it could happen to us by water pollution


This chart shows what things causes different places to have water pollution. This shows that all the
harm that is caused in the water is all because of the things we use. I think it showed clearly that we
are the people who are making the that dirty.
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(thesis) that clearly shows your research.
Some people don't care about the pollution of water but, it's our responsibility to protect our world and change it.

(P) Form questions:
  • Form - What is it like?
  • Function - How does it work?
  • Causation - Why is it like it is?
  • Change - How is it changing?
  • Connection - How is it connected to?
  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?
(P) Make an outline of the areas you are
(P) Make a list of key words to locate
aquatic pollution, aquatic ecosystem, water pollution, lake pollution, ocean pollution, river pollution, water trash, suage leak
(L) Locate a variety of sources; evaluate 2
(L) Select resources from your list & build
works cited using Noodletools
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