Free Trading Agreement by Jay Lee 6A

This workshop will show you the economical issue of the free trading agreement. It also shows you of what it can affect to the rich and the poor. This issue can be very effective to the rich but it may not be that useful to the poor. Because of the disadvantages for the farmers, they go out to the streets and protest to the government. That is why this becomes a global finacial issue.

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This site is not so bad. It shows the meaning of it and it helps a lot.

My Father's economical knowledge
My dad works at Citi bank. So he broad knowledge of these financial issues

The Korea Times
The online newspaper has shown me more detail knowledge about how the free trading agreement

  • The agreement helps the United States balance its economy with greater exports and also helps South Korea foster economic growth, Obama said.( This site is really useful. It shows the fact of the FTA

  • South Korean President Lee Myung-bak stated that the trade agreement ???will become a new engine of growth that will propel our economies forward???, while Laura Lane of the US financial firm Citigroup declared ???it is the best financial services chapter negotiated in a free trade agreement to date.???13 14 While various public officials and trade groups praise these agreements as beneficial for all, there remains serious concern and skepticism in the realm of labor and human rights.( This website shows the connection of the free trading agreement of Korea and america.w

  • imgres-1.jpeg VS Socil_.jpeg

    • Countries of two or more import and export
    • Market share to remove trade treaty
    • Eliminates trading tax
    • Reduces taxes
    • Allows people to have freedom of having more foreign supplies
    • Helps Economy
    • bad for the farmers
    • They can’t make money
    • Obama says that it will help economy of Republic of Korea
    • Allows us to have a variety of supplies
    • Collision between two national parties in korea
    • Democratic united party intends to shut down
    • Leading Party of Korea doesn't want to shut it down
    • To stop collision, Government must balance the money with the farmers
    • Creates less money for farmers
    • Farmers hate FTA
    • National product creators has financial problems.

New Zealand Prime minister John Key in the blue house with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak. He came to the blue house to settle the Free Trading agreement.
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The Free Trading Agreement is a political way to improve the economy. But the farmers and the people who make national products can't have any profit for themselves and their family

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  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?
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