The Echoes Of Pain... Stop The Spread!

Every single year, people shout for the promise. "Let There Be Light! Stop AIDS, Keep The Promise!"

Have you ever experienced the feeling of loosing your loved one?
The world we are living in, is full of global issues that occur every second, as well as chances to make changes to the world.

"Let There Be Light! Stop AIDS, Keep The Promise!" Every single year, people shout for the promise. Even to this minute, there are lots and lots of people either dying from AIDS or losing their loved ones. It is constantly spreading over the global world, leaving for the global citizens to stop the spread hand in hand. AIDS is one of serious global issues impacting the world. This is a chance to make a change now, to our world.

This workshop will be providing functional organizations where you can visit to step further, into becoming a true global citizen who cares about our world. They will feature some heroic stories about individuals from all around the world.

Unit 4 Reflection Name: Chelci Lee Global Issues Reflection

  • Enduring Understanding: Responsible choices are part of being a global citizen.
  • Essential Question: How does one participate in global citizenship and why is it important?

  1. Based upon your prior knowledge and current studies develop a response to the essential question that includes topic sentences and details with examples. Place your response below using as much space as you need to form a complete answer.

A global citizen chooses to participate in global citizenship in order to make a change to the world, by considering about the global issues that are occurring every second. There are loads and loads of ways to approach the global issues, from different perspectives. I believe that they can diverge into two varying ways, either joining a charity, or studying about the global issue and spreading them over the world using social media. Joining a charity is one way of approaching the global issues. Charities are nonprofit organizations set up to provide help and raise money for those in need. The global citizens are now creating all different charities used for all different global issues. Donating a dollar every day, or even volunteering to fly to other places for support, can matter a lot. Studying about the global issues and spreading them all over the world is another way of approaching the global issues. It will widen the amount of people with the knowledge that the majority of us are suffering from the global issues, right this moment. Just like how the Chadwick Students have decided to post pages in a wiki here and there about the global issues, the rest of the global citizens can also invest their precious time in posting information for the expansion in knowledge. Soon, all of us will understand what is exactly going on in this world along with the issues that should be eliminated from the list of issues, foremost. Participating in global citizenship is eloquent. We are enclosed in a cage with issues that are getting even worse, but not better. Therefore, by expanding the range of people who are participating in global citizenship and knows about the issues, we can establish an ability of washing away each and every global issues down the ocean. That being the case, every single global citizen is part of this, furthermore every single different choices made by the global citizens will bring up different results, depending on how responsible they are compared to other choices.

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My Journal on HIV/AID

Key Facts:

Short Info: Disease that makes it difficult for the body to fight off infectious diseases.
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS by infecting and damaging part of the body's defenses against infection.
This website was extremely useful out of all the rest. The reason why was because it had several different sections. Moreover, the information wasn't hard to understand which means that they were actually meant for kids, my age to look at and learn from. I am looking forward to visiting this site more often if needed in the future.

AIDS: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia(
This website here was similar to the other website that I looked at. However, there were some significant key points that I missed previously. Therefore it was very useful. This website was rather better for adults than kids, my age.
This website didn't have any tabs however, it had a pdf that I could look at to find some basic and complex stuff about HIV/AID. I have realized that this website was actually made for all the global issues that have been going around.
This website was technically an article/ also an useful website to use because an article contains lots of significant key points about an issue. Therefore, this website was also useable.
The source above, is another source about AID, however, it really captures details on how Africa is very involved with the disease. Therefore, it is a website where they tell us about what is exactly going on in Africa.


Clashes over HIV link to AIDS: True of False?
This video was about...
-The G8 leaders have been slammed for not providing enough help to HIV-positive people. Julio Montaner - the President of the International AIDS society - claimed "when it comes to global health, the purse is always empty". He made the statement at the ongoing AIDS conference in Vienna, which is calling for an end to treatment discrimination.
The video was actually a news and it talked about the causes and treatment. They even interviewed several different people. I thought this would be useful when I need evidences that it is a global issue. It's vast enough that it even appears in the news.


AIDS Published by Christen Nasso

AIDS, this book contains lots of stories about people who had HIV/AID or was related to someone who had HIV/AID. It was interesting, and at the same time, sorrowful. It made me almost cry reading people suffer from HIV/AID.

Stories You Can Name Of:-Ryan White CARE ACT
-A Support Group For AIDS Caregivers in South Africa
Danna Harman
-My Twenty Years with AIDS
Bruce Garner


REAL LIFE HEROES:Surviving HIV/AIDS Written by Theresa Saliba
This book also contains 11 true stories about young people who faced HIV/AIDS either
through becoming infected themselves or through losing loved ones to the disease. I could perhaps use some of their examples when telling stories or showing that the majority is suffering from HIV/AID.

Quote: Ancient legends are full of heroes. But heroes also exist in real life. They may not fight dragons, but their challenges can be just as awesome. In REAL LIFE HEROES, we look at true stories of courage and heroism in the face of persecution, disaster, addiction, and disease.


This picture is very interesting because it can be used to tell that AIDS and HIV are the same. And this picture seems like it will be useful later on.
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(thesis) that clearly shows your research.
My Thesis Statement: HIV/AIDs is a deadly disease that has and still is destroying the lives of many people and it must be stopped as soon as possible.
(P) Form questions:
  • Form - What is it like?
  • Function - How does it work?
  • Causation - Why is it like it is?
  • Change - How is it changing?
  • Connection - How is it connected to?
  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?
(P) Make an outline of the areas you are
(P) Make a list of key words to locate
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP)
Immune System
T cells
Ryan White CARE ACT
Ryan White
Destructive Illness
Africa/Sudan (poor countries)
Blood Mix
Teens/Young Adults
(L) Locate a variety of sources; evaluate 2

(L) Select resources from your list & build
works cited using Noodletools
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Chenes, Elizabeth Des. AIDS. Greenhaven Press: Christeen Nasso, 2018. Print.

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