Human Rights; Movement - Conflict and Migration

Overview of workshop:

The Holocaust. Countless genocides. A conflict between two forces. And casualties. Immigration. Racial issues. Inequality. "There is no specific human right to be free from the effects of warfare and armed conflict." - Let's learn about Human Rights; Movement - Conflict and Migration.

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  • The Human Rights Council may request that the Security Council take action when human rights violations occur.(
  • Human rights activists and international press reported cases of political prisoners confined in the same wing as violent felons.(
  • That's crazy. It shows how some countries are prejudiced and all. Habit/traditions can be deadly. I think I can use this information when giving a brief introduction for human rights, such as how in some underdeveloped countries, activists are often misunderstood or unfairly treated.
  • Human rights are international norms that help to protect all people everywhere from severe political, legal, and social abuses.(
  • Seventh, human rights require robust justifications that apply everywhere and support their high priority.(

  • The Human Rights was a 56 member , by the UN, consisting of state representatives.
  • I wonder which countries these are. The security council and such? And what does this mean, 'the HUMAN RIGHTS was a 56 member , '?
The book - 'Human Rights' or something (need to get Noodletools on that book & the other one)
I believe these are some real-life examples of human rights among movement. If I looked for more on the internet, there would be loads; not only are people just TRAPPED in a country, their families are suffering too. This is not going by human rights, or anything like that.,0,135710.story
Now the only thing I can think is WHY IS THE WORLD SO MESSED UP.
I think this is very good material because... well. This will help me give a more... realistic and convincing presentation, however I decide to share it.

Immigration Rights and Human Rights. pdf
I used this because it's a really good source of basic information for immigrants and human rights; it's a lot of BASIC info that I'll be able to use in BASIC intro-ing, and otherwise the details are really good too. Countries really should be more open to immigrants and asylum-seekers.


To solve the issue of human rights between countries and associated with movement, global citizens need to be exposed more to the truth and care about them.

(P) Form questions:
  • Form - What is it like?
  • Function - How does it work?
  • Causation - Why is it like it is?
  • Change - How is it changing?
  • Connection - How is it connected to?
  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?Screen_shot_2012-05-22_at_8.55.03_AM.png

(P) Make an outline of the areas you are

(P) Make a list of key words to locate resources.

Immigration, human rights, human rights activists, human rights laws, human rights movement.

(L) Locate a variety of sources; evaluate 2

(L) Select resources from your list & build
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