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Most children go to school. They have families, they have freedom, and they smile. However, in the other part of this world, children are suffering. The human rights are being violated, and children are being used as soldiers. These children don't have families. They don't get any education. All they know is killing and shooting guns. Most of these child soldiers get killed... Is this how children should live? Visit this workshop to discover more about child soldiers, and ways to stop child abuse.

Stop at nothing to prevent those evil kidnappers from abducting the children and using them as soldiers.

Unit 4 Reflection Name _Charlie Kim_ Global Issues Reflection
  • Enduring Understanding: Responsible choices are part of being a global citizen.-
  • Essential Question: How does one participate in global citizenship and why is it important?
  1. Based upon your prior knowledge and current studies develop a response to the essential question that includes topic sentences and details with examples. Place your response below using as much space as you need to form a complete answer.
Global citizens are people who can see people around the world as a single big community. Global Citizens care about other countries and people, and have lots of responsibilities. For example, my topic is based on Child Soldiers. I could think that this issue is not relatable, because I live in a country that child rights are strongly protected. However, I learned that in the other part of the world, children are suffering and being abused. Before I researched about child soldiers, I didn’t really care about other children being soldiers. Now, I know that those children needs some of the privileges I have now.
I live a perfect life with my family. I go to school, and I have fun. Meanwhile, children in Africa are being threatened by adults, and they are helpless. I can’t imagine how horrible my life would be if I got my table switched around. If we were all suffering like children in Africa, we would probably need all the help we can get. We would need help from people from other countries. Being global citizens are important because some people can’t help themselves. If we are in a situation where we can help other unfortunate people, then we should help them because that is what it means to be a global citizen.
  1. Tomorrow you will be presenting the research process to grade 5 students. You will need to explain the purpose of our studies. Think about your learning and make a list of those things that you discovered to be useful to you as a researcher/learner.
-Inpiration 9- This is a program that you can use for a lot of purposes, but you usually use this program to make brainstorms. You can create different outlines and types of brainstorms to help you think more thoroughly.
-Britinica- Britinica is an encyclopedia that you can use. It is just like Wikipedia, but it is more reliable and is easy to understand. It is more for kids in middle school.
-Instagrok- Instagrok is an online source that you can use to create brainstorms. It isn’t like inspiration though. If you type in your search words, it will create brainstorms for you to help you organize your thoughts. It also contains links that are related to the search words, and it is a very credible source.
-Youtube/Vimeo- You don’t have to rely on traditional sources like books and online sources. You can also use audio visual resources like videos on Youtube or Vimeo. You can also upload your own video on Youtube or Vimeo (which is what I did for my final product.)
-Noodle tools- It helps you cite sources. Noodle tools works for both primary and secondary sources, and it is a great shortcut for citing your MLA format.

The following spaces will need to be designed by you. Please know your scoring guide so you do not miss what is expected. The important part is this: You are showing your thinking as a researcher and your research process.
(P) Put brainstorm here.
What I Know Inspiration document
(P) Broaden Your Knowledge
  • Think about:
  • Books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Online Articles
  • Websites
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Statistics
  • Charts
  • Data Bases
Include notes about your
reasoning for your choices in red


1.Child Soldiers Farmington Hills: Greenhaven Press, 2010. Print.

This book has great details of child soldiers. It has pictures as well, which helps
me understand the materials better. This book is all about child soldiers, so I think it will help me

2.Farrell, Courtney. Children's RIghts. North Mankato, Minnesota in United States
of America: ABDO publishing Company , 2010. Print.
This book is about children's rights, and it contains vital information for child soldiers. This book is a lot easier than the book "C
hild Soldiers",
but it is very easy to understand. I think it was made for kids my age, or even younger. I mustn't think that easy books are not w
orthy from now on, because this book really gets to the point.



This site shows mind maps which I can use to reorganize my thoughts when I cam stuck. I can also create journals, which can be very helpful. Even if it doesn't allow me to go into an official site, I am still planning to use this as my guide for ideas
and what I need to look for.

2. -

This site has details as well as basics about Child Soldiers. It also explains difficult words, so I can learn new words without
trouble, since it is for kids my age. This is an encyclopedia, just like Wikipedia. However, the words are not so hard to understand and it is built for kids my age.


This site doesn't only mention child soldiers. It mentions many other subjects that are related to child soldiers, which makes it easier for me to understand the materials. I can have a wider view of what is happening in the world, not only about child soldiers.

This site is very credible, and is definitely a source I can use about my research because it passes out information based on legitimate interviews. It doesn't really explain much about child soldiers. This source focuses more on how and why child soldiers are kidnapped, what they are forced to do, and how they are kidnapped. I think this source should be used for more details.

My journal on Child Soldiers using Instagrok.


  • Excerpts:
- When child soldiers are rescued, they are rehabilitated, and hospitalized if necessary in an attempt to reintegrate them into .
From this site, I learned that the children who had been abducted can't return to their homeland, because the rebels are sure to find them. I feel sorry for them... and I think I am lucky that I am in my homeland.

- Child soldiers leave the LRA, but the violence, the killing, and the nightmares of the souls do not.
The poor children can't forget those horrible memories they had ever since they were young. I am lucky I am not one of the children who had been forced to kill their parents.

- Child soldiers are not often just boys, but many times child soldiers are girls and and the number of girls can be quite high.
I don't think it really matters. What if it is a boy or a girl? How well can a child fight? I think the children are fighting simply because they are under various threats. Kids are easily manipulated.


This video is more emotional than informational. This video doesn't contain much information, but contains pictures of child soldiers. I don't think I am going to use this source for my research.

This video is all about Joseph Kony, the most evil villain in Uganda. He makes boys into child soldiers, and turns girls into sex slaves. The image about is the a picture of Joseph Kony, and the second one is Joseph Kony with his army, the Lord's Resistance Army.


  • A map that shows where child soldiers are being used around the world.

Countries that use child soldiers: Africa, Uganda, South America, Russia, and Asia.
I think that child soldiers are used in countries that are either impoverished, or underdeveloped. In countries that are impoverished, there are these war lords that fight against each other, or maybe the government is dictatorship. I think that is why there are no child soldiers in countries like U.S.A or South Korea. I am lucky that I am a South Korean!!
(P) 2nd Time Around Brainstorm
Add to original Inspiration
or do another.
Record your metacognition using
the note feature of Inspiration.
(P) Define your topic: write a statement
(thesis) that clearly shows your research.
Child Soldiers is a very important global issue that needs to be addressed because it violates basic human rights of children.
(P) Form questions:
  • Form - What is it like?
  • Function - How does it work?
  • Causation - Why is it like it is?
  • Change - How is it changing?
  • Connection - How is it connected to?
  • Who, What? Where, When, Why,
  • How, What if? How? So what?
(P) Make an outline of the areas you are
(P) Make a list of key words to locate
Children in Africa, Uganda, Sudan.
The International Criminal Court.
Joseph Kony, children rights, child labor, child soldiers,
children in battles, child fatality.
(L) Locate a variety of sources; evaluate 2

Evaluation #1.


Evaluation #2.

(L) Select resources from your list & build
works cited using Noodletools
- Watkins, Christine. Child Soldiers. Farmington Hills, Greenhaven Press, 2010. Print.
- Farrell, Courtney. Children's RIghts. North Mankato, Minnesota in United States of America: ABDO publishing Company, 2010. Print.

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- Who is Joseph Kony? N.d. ABC News. By Ben Atherton, 9 Mar. 2012. Web. 19 May

2012. <








- Kony 2012 Campaign – “aiming to bring Joseph Kony to justice”. N.d.

Hopenline. Hope, 8 Mar. 2012. Web. 30 May 2012.








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