Nuclear energy, is it good or bad?
Energy is used in our daily lives. Energy is necessary for us to live. The way you get energy is what is important. Nuclear energy for example is a
bad, but good way to get energy because it is easy to get energy using a nuclear plant and it's bad because when making energy with a nuclear plant, the plant produces nuclear waste which is very expensive to get rid of and is very bad for citizens and the environment.

Click on the picture of the nuclear plants on the right to go to my video on vimeo that contains some good pictures about protesting against nuclear energy and also explains a lot about everything you need to know about nuclear energy.
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Is Nuclear Power Safe? By John Meany
This book despite it being the only book I could find on nuclear energy, was very fun. It didn't have all words so it would be boring, but put some pictures to go with the words as well to help understand the book better.


I learned a lot about nuclear power from this wiki. It was very helpful unlike other Wikipedia sites I have seen.

This online news will update me on the latest news about nuclear energy.

This website helped me to understand how a nuclear plant works specifically.
This website gave me the most facts about nuclear energy in my research.


This picture was chosen by me because it really represented what nuclear energy was with 1. It had the nuclear logo. 2. It looked like the logo is covered in plants which sort of shows it is not good for the environment.

I chose this picture to show about how much damage could be done by nuclear energy.

This picture shows places all over the world where nuclear plants are.

I chose this amazing video of Bill Gates the CEO of Microsoft talking about nuclear energy is because 1. Famous people have lots of influence 2. What he was talking about was exactly what I thought and researched, so I thought it was really cool.

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Nuclear energy might be a good source of energy, but the radiation waste is harmful to humans and the environment, so we should try to think of a better way of getting energy such as renewable energy.

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Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Bomb


Bill Gates Nuclear

Atom Nucleus


Simpsons Movie



South Korea

Nuclear Korea 2012



Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Safety
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